Find Out the Truth About Testosterone Replacement Therapy

TRT, otherwise known as androgen replacement therapy (ART), is prescribed to people with low testosterone levels and can be administered through several different methods, including injections, patches, skin creams, etc. However, this form of treatment is often misunderstood, with many misconceptions surrounding it.

Is it a good option for men with low T? Or are the side effects actually too risky? As it usually goes, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Myth #1: It’s Only for Men

While testosterone is the most important hormone in the male body, women also have it and it plays a pretty big role in their health and wellness. Therefore, it’s possible for women to need TRT if their levels of testosterone are lower than normal.

Myth #2: It Hurts

Even if your testosterone replacement therapy is administered via injections, the pain is truly minimal. You may feel a sting for a couple of seconds, but the discomfort passes quickly. Other methods, like creams and patches, are completely painless.

Myth #3: It Causes Prostate Cancer

TRT doesn’t increase the risk of prostate cancer. You can read more about where this myth comes from in this article—it was claimed in a single report from 1941. Numerous recent studies have confirmed that testosterone therapy and prostate cancer are in no way connected.

Myth #4: You Can Pick Any Treatment You Want

As mentioned above, there are several methods of testosterone replacement therapy, but you shouldn’t choose the one you want on your own. Listen to your doctor as they will give you the best advice on whether to go with injections, patches or something else.

Myth #5: It Will Give You Man Boobs

Man boobs, as well as overall body fat, are developed as a result of too much estrogen in the body. TRT can actually help solve this problem, not cause it.

Myth #6: It’s Enough to Give Me Ripped Body

If it were that easy, everybody would just take testosterone therapy! While TRT can help you build lean muscle, it simply creates the right conditions for this process—it won’t create any magic on its own.

Myth #7: It Causes Baldness

This is definitely a myth. The biggest factor causing baldness is genetics, followed closely by stress. Testosterone replacement therapy will not make your hair fall out.

Like with anything else you see or hear, it’s important to do your own research before coming to any conclusions. If you want to be sure about effects and side effects of TRT, consult a medical expert.