As men age, the amount of testosterone found in the body tends to decrease by 1% every year, once we start to enter our 30s. This gradual reduction can result in everything from weight gain and bone loss, to decreases in both muscle mass and overall strength.

For men over 50, though, the risks can become a little more serious. Cardiovascular health is a major issue in and of itself, but compounded with Low T, and some patients can increase the risk of a heart attack, stroke and heart disease.

To determine whether hormone replacement therapy, to improve your heart health, is right for you, here are some testosterone therapy risks and benefits to consider.

Not All Men Are Created Equal

Every man has his own amount of testosterone, and that can make for varying results when choosing to go through with hormone replacement therapy. It’s not enough to merely come in for regular treatments and be done.

A dedicated regimen, that extents past the administration of the hormone, must be put in place that’s tailored to a patient’s unique needs. Everything from pre-screenings to follow-up appointments needs to be taken into consideration before starting any hormone replacement therapy treatments.

Know Your Heart

Like with any other medical procedure or regimen, you need to coordinate with your testosterone replacement specialist and cardiologist to make sure any medications you’re taking, or other regular procedures you have to go in for won’t interfere with your testosterone therapy treatments.

Current medical records and a list of prescriptions should be brought with you during the pre-screening process.

Understand Your Current Levels

Before diving into any supervised testosterone therapy treatments, it’s best to determine whether you actually suffer from Low T. There are a whole host of ailments and underlying diseases that can mimic many of the symptoms of Low T, so taking our quiz could help give you a better idea of what’s going on. Know that you should still seek the guidance of a licensed medical professional if you’re not sure on how to move forward.

Research is continuously being conducted to better understand the effects hormone replacement therapy can have on the health of your heart and cardiovascular system. Knowing the current risks and benefits, though, can give you a better idea as to which treatments are best suited for your unique situation.

The future of your heart’s health begins by calling us today, at (407) 878-7889, to learn more about the benefits of safe testosterone replacement therapy options.