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Top 7 Post-Workout Meals in Orlando to Recharge

When it comes to fitness, working out is just the first step. In order to achieve your personal health goals, just going to the gym isn’t going to cut it. Your diet should be treated the same way as your exercise routine and in Orlando, there are many ways to help ensure your body gets the fuel it needs while avoiding low-quality processed foods. Here are our top seven healthy restaurants in Orlando where you can recharge and better prepare your body for the next sweat session.

Clean Juice

We all know water is essential for life but when you are exerting more energy than the average Joe, you need to hydrate the right way. Clean Juice, with multiple locations within the city, offers protein-packed smoothies to help recover sore muscles. Supplements such as whey protein, turmeric and spirulina give your smoothie a much needed boost that helps build muscle and keep your stamina going. All ingredients are USDA certified organic and additional menu items such as cold-pressed juice and quinoa bowls make this a great addition to your workout routine.


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Fresh Kitchen

Specializing in customizable bowls, Fresh Kitchen in downtown and Waterford Lakes offers healthy options. Choose from eight different bases, five vegetables, seven proteins and a variety of sauces and toppings. You can make sure your body is getting the fuel it deserves without having to sacrifice flavor. Not in the mood to eat in a restaurant post-workout? No problem – Fresh Kitchen allows you to order your food ahead of time online so you can take your meal to go.

Create Your Nature

Named best vegan/vegetarian spot by the 2018 Orlando Sentinel Reader’s Poll, Create Your Nature has everything to refresh and replenish. While the cafe offers smoothies, salads and even oatmeal, their specialty is create-your-own acai bowls. Acai, a berry found in acai palm trees in South America, contains multiple health benefits, including vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and heart-healthy fat. Choose from a variety of toppings such as granola, fruit and honey to make your bowl insanely healthy and delicious.

Kona Poké

One of the benefits of living in a state surrounded by water is our unlimited access to fresh seafood. Kona Poke, a Hawaiian-inspired cafe established in Lake Mary, takes full advantage of their location by offering fresh poke and protein bowls that satisfy. In addition to raw fish, they offer chicken, shrimp and tofu for those who like their protein the traditional way. There’s nothing traditional about their flavor though—with over 30 toppings, sauces and sides to choose from, your food will be far from boring. Take a look at their ginger salad as well, as ginger is a natural cure for muscle soreness and aches.


Salads aren’t normally known to be filling but at Salata, salads are treated as the main course. Similar to other create-your-own concepts, this Lake Mary spot is perfect for the picky eater. Choose from five different lettuce bases followed by over 50 (yes, 50!) proteins, toppings and dressings. Worried about splurging? Salata labels all their ingredients with the recommended serving size along with a calorie count. They also have an extensive nutritional information list at their restaurants and online. It’s never been easier to track your food and it eat deliciously healthy all in one.

Market On South

Looking for a one-stop shop for a healthy meal and a little dessert for a reward? Market On South near downtown offers plant-based meals and desserts for those who want to make their healthy food fun. The small yet efficient store houses two local companies that are both vegan and health-conscious. Dixie Dharma serves customers unique southern-inspired dishes that are 100% plant based and Vahalla Bakery offers vegan desserts like cupcakes, pies, pastries. No dairy or animal byproducts found here and with ingredients like heart-healthy avocado and protein-rich chickpeas, your body will thank you.

Lucky’s Market

Want your health kick to last longer than one meal? With multiple locations in Central Florida, Lucky’s Market is a gold mine for those looking to bring a fresh start in their homes. Every store is broken into different categories, including fresh produce, dairy, deli, bakery and vitamin supplements. Lucky’s Market’s website also includes a lifestyle blog where you can learn new recipes and how to eat clean.

We know that the road to a fit and healthy body isn’t always the easiest but it is an important one to take. By adding fresh and energy-boosting food into your workout routine, you can experience health benefits that create a huge difference. If you’re looking to take your health journey to the next level, be sure to contact us at Rebuilding Life to see how we can help you today.

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Top 6 Places in Orlando for an Outdoor Workout

Fitness and weight loss are important factors in helping you rediscover vitality and improve your health, but workout routines can get a little repetitive when they’re confined to a few machines and a small selection of weights. Luckily, Orlando locals will never experience a shortage of scenic outdoor workout locations to help bring their exercise routine out of the gym and reinvigorate fitness.

The best way to stick to a healthy lifestyle is to mix up your workout routine. Not only should you mix up what your workout consists of, but where your workout takes place. Check out our top six places for an outdoor workout in the Orlando area to help you get back to the best shape of your life.

The Seminole-Wekiva Trail

There’s no excuse to not enjoy a workout on the Wekiva Trail. Filled with 14 miles of Orlando nature, this trail was designed for everyone in every stage of their fitness and weight loss journey. Go at your own pace and challenge yourself on this membership-free fitness playground.

Whether you want to bring your bike for a smooth, natural ride or pack your favorite running shoes for a full-body cardio experience, you’re guaranteed to break a sweat on the trail. Because of the plentiful amount of shade and rest stops for water or bathroom breaks, you can complete an entire workout without having to turn around. The Lake Mary trailhead even ends near a complex where you can grab a hearty post-workout protein smoothie to top off your newest fitness addiction.

Orlando Tennis Centre

Cardio doesn’t always have to be limited to a treadmill, so step outside to burn fat and build muscle at the Orlando Tennis Centre. Tennis will not only help you meet your fitness and weight loss goals, but it can also improve hand-eye coordination, increase flexibility and promote muscle growth.

With over 10 courts to choose from, you’ll never have a cramped workout space. Bring a friend or family member to one of the five hard courts or eleven clay courts for a workout you’ll both love, or go solo by practicing on one of the center’s three hitting walls.

Loch Haven Park

The best workouts in life are free. Known for its cultural scene that covers over 45 acres, Loch Haven Park is the go-to fitness stop for you and your furry friend. Take advantage of this dog-friendly park and bring your four-legged friend along for a workout that’ll wear you both out.

Outdoor Workout Bench

HIIT workouts go hand-in-hand with Loch Haven Park because of the vast amount of land to take advantage of. Bring your jump rope for an abdominal-engaging cardio circuit or ditch the workout tools entirely and find your perfect pump with an equipment-free training session.

Loch Haven is also a great location for your pre or post workout stretches and warm ups. You can throw your resistance bands or muscle rollers into your gym bag before you head out and stretch your muscles under the sun to fortify every rep with vitamin D.

Winter Park Chain of Lakes

Fitness and relaxation meet to fuel your brain and body at the Winter Park Chain of Lakes. Get an upper-body workout by kayaking across the lakes, a full-body workout by skiing behind a boat or a mental detox by paddle boarding and taking the scenic route to a healthy lifestyle.

You can challenge your body with a self-propelled workout across any of these beautiful lakes or enjoy a rest day on the water.

Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park

Experience an outdoor workout on the wild side at the Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park. The park features aerial obstacle courses that challenge your physical and mental strength. Offering courses for all abilities, this adventure park will bring out a different kind of personal best.

Navigating the aerial obstacles or challenging yourself to a ropes course at the park are effective ways to build strength, increase endurance and improve flexibility. Take your next full-body workout to new heights by stepping up to the tallest fitness challenge in Orlando.

Orlando Watersports Complex

The Orlando Watersports Complex is the perfect location for fitness novices and gym sharks to get the outdoor workout that suits their exercise needs. The complex offers insane water sport options like wakeboarding, wake skating, wake surfing, knee boarding and waterskiing. You can train at different class levels or face the water head-on by bringing your own gear or renting from the complex.

Outdoor workouts don’t have to be solo either, so consider taking your closest workout buddies and book a group event at the complex. This will help lower the rate per person and bring some social interaction to your fitness routine.

There are a few factors to take into consideration when mixing up your fitness routing, but you can get the same results, or even greater ones, by taking your workout away from the gym and into the great outdoors. Just don’t forget to pack some SPF in your gym bag while you take fitness to new places.