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5 Surprising Benefits of Testosterone

How Balanced Hormones Can Change Your Life

Many people think of testosterone as the muscle-building, libido-driving hormone. While it does help build lean muscle mass and increase your sex drive, the effects of testosterone (both when your hormones are properly balanced and when they are not) can be felt throughout your entire body, inside and out.

Keep reading to find out five surprising ways testosterone plays a part in our lives and how balancing hormone levels can help you feel like your best self.

Protect your heart

Balanced testosterone levels can reduce inflammation all over your body and plays a key role in your overall heart health. In fact, supplemental testosterone dilates your arteries and reduces blood pressure, as well as improving blood flow and reducing your risk for clogged arteries or blood clots. If that wasn’t enough, adequate testosterone levels can even help balance cholesterol and triglycerides.

Lose weight

Reaching and maintaining your body’s ideal body weight calls for a careful balancing of hormones, including testosterone. In fact, lower levels of testosterone have been linked to obesity in men. For those living with low T, hormone therapy can help burn belly fat for good, so you can both look and feel your best.

Improve sleep

Struggling to get a good night’s rest? Sleep is yet another part of our lives that can be affected by a hormone imbalance. To reach deep, restful sleep, our bodies must be perfectly synchronized and low testosterone levels prevent that from happening. Hormone replacement therapy may just be what you need to get the sleep you need.

Fight depression

The connection between depression and testosterone goes much deeper than you might think. These two elements can quickly spiral into a vicious cycle: depression leads to low testosterone levels and low testosterone levels lead to depression and other effects on mood. If you’re struggling with low T, testosterone replacement therapy can help you fight depression and take back control of your life.

Rebuild your bones

 The effects of aging can be seen and felt across nearly every part of our bodies, including bone density. Low T levels make it much more difficult to regain any lost density due to aging, which could eventually lead to osteoporosis or osteopenia. Taking the step to balance your testosterone levels through hormone therapy or replacement can help rebuild and strengthen your bones over time.

From the way you look on the outside to the way you feel on the inside, testosterone levels play an important role in your overall health and wellness. If you think you are experiencing the symptoms and effects of low testosterone, take our quiz for answers or make an appointment today.