Maintaining Male Virility

There’s nothing wrong with noticing a decline in virility as you age—it’s completely natural, especially when facing the stresses of modern lifestyles. And while a natural loss of energy and vitality may not be a cause of major concern when you first notice the symptoms, hormone imbalances and other conditions brought on by this condition may have potentially harmful effects on your overall health.

How Do You Retain Virility?

Male virility is affected by a number of internal and external factors, including what you eat, how much you sleep and stress management. Focusing on your overall wellbeing is the first step to getting your “mojo” back and feeling like the best version of yourself. Of course, there are some cases in which simply leading a healthier lifestyle is not enough to curb loss of virility and you may need to consult a specialist about treatments such as hormone therapy.

Best Foods for Virility

While a healthy, balanced diet is a must when it comes to feeling your best, the following foods have been shown to boost testosterone levels and help retain male virility:

  • Bananas – These sweet treats contain potassium and bromelain, which have been found to help reverse impotence.
  • Oysters – Often referred to as aphrodisiacs, zinc-loaded oysters boost the production of testosterone. If you’re a vegetarian, pumpkin seeds have a similar effect.
  • Tomatoes – This salad staple contains contain lycopene, a vital ingredient in virility and prostate health.
  • Oats – Filled with the B vitamin L-arginine, the nutrients in oats have been shown to increase sperm count and blood flow to the penis.
  • Ginger – This anti-inflammatory superfood helps improve blood flow and increase testosterone.

The Importance of Sleep

Everyone could use more sleep, no matter their sex, age or health conditions. But for a man suffering from decreased virility, a good night’s sleep often means a number of involuntary erections which can be crucial for penile tissue health. If you allow your body to experience four or five REM phases every night, you give it more of a chance to help heal itself.

While decreased virility is unpleasant as it is, things can get even more serious if you don’t treat it in time. Don’t ignore the warning signs.