Caring About Haircare

Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you, so from the barber shop to the bathroom sink, trying to look your best is important. You may think you’ve mastered shaving, but there are still ways to shape up your skills. And when you leave your look to someone else, picking the right place is crucial. If you don’t often give your hair the time it needs, consider updating your haircare regimen.

Our Favorite Orlando Barber Shops

For the days you’re looking to get a professional’s touch, you’ll want to pick a barber shop that suits you. Whether you’re looking for a place that’s family friendly, caters to your hair type or is simply close to home, do your research before committing to getting a cut.

Men’s Groom Room Barber Lounge

Located in Lake Mary, Men’s Groom Room is the place for any guy looking to revamp his look or get cleaned up. No matter your style –classic, modern, bearded, or clean shaven, the MGR team will take care of you. Customers rave over the friendly environment, cleanliness and precision of each cut. They offer kids’ cuts as well, so MGR is a great option for dads. No appointment? No problem. Walk-ins are more than welcome at Men’s Groom Room.

Lady Jane’s Haircuts for Men 

Lady Jane’s is one of the fastest growing salon chains catering to men’s haircare. Not only do they provide cuts and styles, they offer color and highlights. Ask about their hair and scalp treatments to keep your hair healthy and thriving between visits. Even your shampoo at Lady Jane’s is an experience. Peppermint infused products make your wash both refreshing and relaxing. After your shampoo and scalp and neck massage from your stylist, you’re ready for one of their most popular services, the hot lather neck shave. This service calls for attention to detail, leaving you with a clean, precise cut.

Orlando Barber Shops

Classic Barber & Beard Co. 

A classic choice, Classic Barber & Beard Co. welcomes men who are always up for raising the bar and sharpening their style. From ambiance and décor to styling, you’ll be immersed in the Classic Barber experience from start to finish. There’s no doubt you’ll leave the chair looking polished and feeling confident. Beyond the chair, they offer products to take home to keep you at your best between visits.

Capps Barbers

Specializing in men’s and boy’s haircuts, Capps Barbers is another good choice for fathers and sons. You’ll love the classic, regal feel and attention to detail throughout the entire space—and even more, the detail and care in your styling. Join their membership club to enjoy special offers and promotions. In addition to cuts, shaves and colors, specialized services like waxes and beard and mustache detailing are also available. They even offer discounts for police officers, EMTs, military, seniors, firemen and teachers.

Shaving Tips 

Keeping up with your appearance between trips to the barber shop is a must. While you may not be comfortable snipping at your hairs up top, shaving facial hair is essential in many men’s routines. To make the most of your shave, keep these tips in mind.


Always be sure to wet your face before picking up your razor. Water makes your razor glide easier and softens hairs, leaving you with a smoother shave. It also helps minimize cuts, nicks and irritation. Try shaving in the shower or right after to make sure you don’t skip this step.

Use Shaving Cream or Gel

Applying shaving creams or gels is another way to get a nice clean look. Like water, these products will soften hairs and help your razor glide with ease. Let your product of choice sit for a few minutes to make the process even smoother.

Check Your Razor 

Now that you’re ready for the razor, make sure it’s ready for you. If you’re not using a new one, make sure the blades are still sharp and aren’t worn. Old duller blades make it harder to get a close shave and increase your chances of razor bumps and infection. Between each stroke, rinse your razor to get rid of build-up underneath blades.

Slow and Steady

You can’t rush a great shave. Let your razor glide and don’t press harder than you have to. Putting excess pressure on your razor makes you more prone to cut yourself and cause skin irritation. Take your time and let your razor do the work for you.


Once you’re satisfied with your shave, pat your face dry and rehydrate your skin with a moisturizer like a lotion or balm. If you don’t already have a moisturizer, you’ll find that implementing one in your routine will make all the difference in your skin. If you have sensitive skin or get razor bumps often, try a product with aloe.

Appearance is important. Having a polished, clean look will give you the push you need to power through the day and stay confident. With a little extra effort, you’ll stay on top of your game whether you’re relaxing in the chair or ridding that 5 o’clock shadow.