Although there’s more than just testosterone that fuels men’s sex drives, having Low-T can reduce your ability to have more satisfying, fulfilling sexual experiences.

So, let’s break down exactly how Low-T can lead to a lower libido and ways in which to counteract that process.

What is Low Sex Drive?

Before making any decisions on possible treatment options, you have to identify the issue(s). With low sex drive or libido, there’s a steady decline in the desire to have sex. This decrease usually starts to hit men starting in their late 20s, but some men have been known to experience it both sooner and later than that.

Other factors including sleep deprivation, increased stress levels, and lack of opportunities for sex can also affect a man’s overall sex drive.

Know the Warning Signs of Low Libido  

There are a handful of symptoms that come with having a noticeably lower sex drive with many of them resulting in difficulties in the bedroom. Here are just a few warning signs to be mindful of when addressing low sex drive:

  • Decreased desire to have sex/masturbate
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Depression
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Old age

Some of these symptoms may not be exclusive to low sex drive, but it could help point you in the direction of a potentially clearer diagnosis.

Get the Right Diagnosis 

As with any health-related issue, getting an accurate diagnosis is the first step towards proper testosterone treatment. If you’re experiencing certain physical or emotional symptoms, and you feel they may be attributed to having Low-T, a specialist can use certain tests to confirm symptoms.

Scheduling an appointment with one of our highly trained testosterone replacement experts in the central Florida area can help you on the path to a happier, healthier sex life for you and your partner.