Can Exercising Increase Your Testosterone Levels?

The short answer to the above question: It depends.

If you have low testosterone, or low T, exercise can’t help increase it, but it can help slow down the decrease of your testosterone.

On the other hand, if you’re dancing on the line between normal testosterone levels and low testosterone levels, exercise will have a greater effect.

Whether you have low T or you’re on the cusp, exercise needs to become a habit to reap the benefits. After working out, your testosterone levels rise, but only for 15 minutes to an hour. In addition to consistency, there are three factors you should consider to increase to your optimal testosterone levels. These factors are plain and simple and can be easily addressed or implemented into your lifestyle.

The Weight Factor

Obesity and low testosterone levels are connected. If you’re overweight or obese, this might be part of the low T problem.

Once you take steps to increase your testosterone and start getting to the gym and shedding pounds, you’ll get bigger, yet short, boosts of testosterone. You want to be careful while you’re riding that high because once you start exercising consistently, your body won’t have the same hormonal response to your workouts.

The Time Factor

Working out in the afternoons or at night will have a greater effect on your testosterone levels. Your levels are normally higher in the mornings and lower in the afternoons. Therefore, that brief boost of testosterone you get from exercising might be bigger if you work out later in the day.

The Workout Routine Factor

Weightlifting or other strength training workouts have a greater effect on your testosterone. On top of that, research shows that if you weave these techniques into your work out, you’ll see a greater boost in your testosterone levels:

  • Try a full body workout rather than focusing on one muscle group
  • Decrease your reps of lighter weights and lift heavier weights
  • Implement short rest periods during your routine 

If you’ve been hitting the gym and taking all these factors into account but haven’t seen any changes, look into testosterone replacement therapy. Exercising to naturally stimulate testosterone doesn’t work for everyone and physically giving it to your body might be the next step for you.