Eat Better. Feel Better.

Cravings and temptations can make even the strongest among us crack under pressure. Even if you are completely aware that eating healthy is crucial for a balanced life, weight loss, decreasing stress levels and being your most productive self, you might still find yourself reaching for the not-so-healthy food options.

What if we told you that there is a way to swap them for healthy alternatives that are also tasty and easy to prepare? The list below should give you plenty of ideas. Feel free to modify them and experiment, so you can create the perfect meals and snacks for your own needs.

Bake Your Own Veggie Chips (or Fries)

Veggie “chips” are a great alternative to potato chips. Just slice up some zucchini, parsnips or sweet potatoes, or chop up some kale or Brussels sprouts, toss in olive oil, add a pinch of salt and put them in the oven until crispy. This tip also goes for French fries—just bake them instead of frying to save some calories!

Swap Mayo for Mustard or Mashed Avocado

If you like your condiments but want to try something with less sugar and saturated fats, go for mustard and ditch the mayo. And if you’re craving something creamy, mash up a quarter or half of an avocado and use it as a fresh, healthier spread alternative. Avocado toast, anyone?

Avoid Soda; Drink Tea Instead

Soda can be quite addicting. The more you drink it, the more you crave it, and you can quickly fall into a vicious circle. To avoid this, swap your daily fizzy drinks for unsweetened tea. There are plenty of incredible tea flavors on the market (just make sure there’s no added sugar) to help you forget all about soda.

Make “Nice” Cream

Making your own healthy ice cream is easier than you might think. Just freeze some ripe bananas, add in your choice of flavors and blend in a blender! Throw in some almond butter for a nutty twist or a few chocolate chips for your cocoa fix—the possibilities are endless!

Put Almonds in Your Salad Instead of Croutons

Upgrade your Caesar with a handful of almonds instead of the usual croutons and easily double your intake of protein and fiber.

Drink Water, Not Juice

While juice can provide you with vitamins and minerals, you’ll get more fiber from eating whole fruit and save calories by drinking plain water. If you absolutely can’t live without your morning glass of OJ, make your own from fresh oranges and stay away from store-bought options.

They say that it takes 21 days to form a habit, so try these swaps out for the next three weeks and see how much progress you make towards your healthy living goals.